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Downloading for Matlab 7.8

The download directory contains a number of compressed tar files. One for each computer type the program is running under (see below). In each are located all the files for the release. The tar file can be downloaded and then expanded to yield all files by using the gzip and tar programs on UNIX workstations or WinZip on PCs.

The new code on this page will only work with the 64 bits Linux version of Matlab 7.8. Use the old code version 3.00 for working with Matlab 6.1 by pressing For Matlab 6 in the left menu. or the old code version 2.86 for working with Matlab 5.3 by pressing For Matlab 5 in the left menu.

The following operating systems are currently supported (64 bit versions will be added soon):

Operating system
Linux Matlab 7.8,
64 bits
Field_II_linux_7_8.tar.gz Compressed TAR 3.17, 30/6-2007


The tar-file should be downloaded to the directory, that must hold the files. The file is then extracted by writing:

gzip -d "name_of_tar_file".tar.gz
tar -xvf "name_of_tar_file".tar

to uncompress and extract the files. The tar-file can then be deleted.

The files can also be opend using programs like winzip (

The Field II program can now be run from this directory or from an other directory by writing:


where /home/user/field_II/m_files contains the Field II m-files. This ensures that the directory is included in the Matlab search path, and the user-written m-files can then be placed in a separate directory.

Individual files

The individual files in the installation can be found here. From this you can view and download the individual m-files or the executable mex file for Field II.

A number of utility files can be found here. The can be used for displaying the transducer geometry, etc.

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