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Calculation of intensities and peak pressure

The example here shows how to calculate intensity profiles for different investigation situations. The spatial peak temporal average intensity is used for scaling the impulse response of the transducer, so that the correct intensity and pressure is obtained. A 65 elements elevation focused linear array with a width of lambda/2 and a height of 5 mm is used in the simulation. The center frequency and intensities are determined by the scanning situation, which can be either for fetal or cardiac imaging. An example of an intensity profile is shown below:

Intensity and peak pressure profiles for a 65 element focused array use for fetal imaging.

The m-files can be found at:


The routine field.m initializes the field system, and should be modified to point to the directory holding the Field II code and m-files. The routine calc_int.m is then called to calculate the intensities and pressures. The routine also calculates the pressure from a single element. The routine can be modified for doing either cardiac or fetal imaging, and attenuation can be included.

Last updated: 19:45 on Mon, 30-Apr-2012