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Downloading for Matlab 2021-2023

A version for 64 bits Matlab 2021a has been made for Linux, MacOS and Windows 10, and has been tested with Matlab 2019 and 2020. Field II version 3.30 is compatible with all previous version of Field II and you code should run unmodified for the new compilation for Windows, Mac and Linux. A version for Matlab 2023b for the new Mac M1 processor has also been made.

The Windows version has been compiled with the MinGW compiler. This should make it possible to run the code without downloading any supplementary libraries.

General downloading for Matlab 2021

The download directory contains a number of compressed tar files. One for each computer type the program is running under (see below). In each are located all the files for the release. The tar file can be downloaded and then expanded to yield all files by using the gzip and tar programs on UNIX workstations or WinZip on PCs.

The new code on this page will work with Matlab 2019 to 2021a. Use the old code version for other version of Matlab. You can find them under Download in the left menu.

A new code for the Mac M1 chip for Matlab 2022a has also been made. This resides in the last tar file in the table.

The following operating systems are currently supported:

Operating system
Linux Linux that runs Matlab 2019-2021, 64 bits. Field_II_ver_3_30_linux.tar.gz Compressed TAR 3.30, 5/4-201
Windows Windows that runs Matlab 2019-2021, 64 bits Field_II_ver_3_30_windows.tar.gz Compressed TAR 3.30, 5/4-2021
Intel Mac Matlab 2019-2021 (64 bits) Field_II_ver_3_30_mac.tar.gz Compressed TAR 3.30, 5/4-2021
M1 Mac Matlab 2023 (64 bits) ZIP archive 4.11, 3/12-2023


The tar-file should be downloaded to the directory, that must hold the files. The file is then extracted by writing:

gzip -d "name_of_tar_file".tar.gz
tar -xvf "name_of_tar_file".tar

to uncompress and extract the files. The tar-file can then be deleted.

The files can also be opend using programs like winzip (

The Field II program can now be run from this directory or from an other directory by writing:


where /home/user/field_II/m_files contains the Field II m-files. This ensures that the directory is included in the Matlab search path, and the user-written m-files can then be placed in a separate directory.

Mac M1 installation issue

Apple's new high security system blocks execution. (I suspect that this could also occur for the Intel Mac builds.) This needs to be overcome and can be by running the following command in the terminal. This has to be run from the directory where Field is installed:

xattr -d Mat_field.mexmaca64

Individual files

The individual files in the installation can be found here. From this you can view and download the individual m-files or the executable mex file for Field II.

A number of utility files can be found here. The can be used for displaying the transducer geometry, etc.

Last updated: 17:57 on Mon, 04-Dec-2023