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25 Years of service

Welcome to the home page for Field II! Here you will find all the information about the program along with executables and examples that you can download.

This year Field II celebrates its 25 year of service to the ultrasound community. The initial C version was developed in 1991-92 at Duke University on my sabbatical, which was the foundation for Field II developed in 1995-1996 for general use. The program has been available since then on the Web for free download.

New: You can learn more about Field II and advanced ultrasound imaging at our International Summer School on Advanced Ultrasound Imaging at the Technical University of Denmark from May 22 to May 31, 2024 Please check it out at The deadline for registration is May 1, 2024.

The Field IIpro parallel version has now been released for use on Matlab 2021a and a new Python version has been made, which will be released soon. Currently it is found in versions for both Matlab and Octave, and it also exist in a C library version usable for building stand-alone executables. More information about the program can be found at: Field IIpro in the left menu. Here you can also find a paper about the performance of Field IIpro.

Version 3.30 of Field II for windows has been released for Matlab 2021a. You can find the code at: Download/For Matlab 2021 in the left menu.

You can now follow Field II on LinkedIn and post comments and discussions. You can freely join the group named: Field II Ultrasound Simulation Program, where news about new version of Field II will be posted.

Field II is a program for simulating ultrasound tranducer fields and ultrasound imaging using linear acoustics. The programs uses the Tupholme-Stepanishen method for calculating pulsed ultrasound fields. The program is capable of calculating the emitted and pulse-echo fields for both the pulsed and continuous wave case for a large number of different transducers. Also any kind of linear imaging can be simulated as well as realistic images of human tissue. The program is running under Matlab on a number of different operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X), and the programs are currently free to use under certain restrictions (see copyright).

The latest release of the program is version 3.30 of April 5, 2021. Note that this code will work with Matlab 2019-2021 under Linux, Mac and Windows in 64 bits versions.

The latest News is from Dece,ber 3, 2023 about version 4.11 of Field II for the new M1 Mac chip for Matlab 2023b.

I hope you find the program useful for your ultrasound research. If you have any comments or suggestions you can contact me at


JÝrgen Arendt Jensen

Last updated: 13:21 on Mon, 29-Jan-2024